Track Notes

Welcome to our track notes for the Via Dinarica White Trail.

As with many people who do this walk, we went off-route quite a few times, following advice from a range of hikers past. It may not be the perfect way to walk from Slovenia to Albania, but it was pretty good!

The way I’ve organised them is into sections which generally take you from one major resupply point to another, however the official Via Dinarica stages are also listed. The notes are arranged day by day, and correlate to our blog posts – if you want to get an idea about what the landscape and the route is really like, check out those. The main thing we found difficult when planning and hiking the White Trail was a lack of information about track quality, where we could find supermarkets and where we could find/the quality of water sources, so we’ve included a little overview at the beginning of each stage to help you understand what kind of facilities are available along the way. For example, there are three food shops listed in Kalinovik in southern Bosnia, none of which stock muesli. But you can get cash out at an ATM there, as well as toothpaste, pasta and as much chocolate as you can carry. The more you know!

I’ve tried to make the notes as relevant, detailed and accurate as possible, but this is obviously not an official resource, and there may be mistakes and the information may become outdated. Please let me know if something is wrong or has changed.