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Day 65: Liqjentës e Jezercës to Thethi via Maja e Jezercës


All things going according to plan, this should be the last blog post I write on the Via Dinarica.

We’re two days out from the finish line in Valbonë, but there’s still one lumpy obstacle between us and it: Maja e Jezercës, the biggest, baddest mountain on the Via Dinarica. At 2694 m, not only is it taller than anything we’ve climbed so far, but it’s also more difficult, typically requiring crampons and ice picks to summit – or so we’ve been told. We have none of those things, but, just maybe, if we leave early and get some good weather, we might fluke our way to the top. That’s the plan, anyway.

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Day 64: Gusinje to Liqjentës e Jezercës


It’s all a bit of a mess this morning, the main reason being that we’re not actually in Gusinje, but still in Plav. Instead of getting up early (ish) and setting off into the mountains as per usual, we wake a little later and set off on a shorter, but equally challenging mission – to the Border Police Station in Plav, to pick up our border crossing permits (attempt two).

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