Welcome to bushnuts

Welcome! We’re a pair of young hiking enthusiasts – ‘bush nuts’ – from Australia.

This blog was started in May 2018, when Callum and I embarked on our first long-distance hike, the Via Dinarica, and decided to document the journey by writing a daily blog. 1500 km and 66 days later, we arrived in northern Albania with thousands of photos and words. Knowing that there were few resources for future Via Dinarica hikers, we hoped that our blog could give people a sense for what the walk was like. It was such a beautiful region to experience on the ground, day after day, mountain after moutain.

But bushnuts was never just about the Via Dinarica.

Now that we’re back in Australia, with a refreshing perspective on the space and wilderness of our country, there are so many new challenges on the horizon – the Great North Walk (GNW) to start with, followed by the Western Arthur’s, exploring the Tarkine and the Australian Alps National Park, to name a few.

For this next walk however, one bushnut is going solo…

Watch this space!


Hiking down from the summit of Maglić peak, the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the Via Dinarica.