Via Dinarica

The Via Dinarica White Trail is a long-distance hike of 1,200 to 1,500 km (depending on who you ask) which winds along the Balkan Peninsula. Beginning in Slovenia, the route follows the Dinaric Alps south through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, before ending in northern Albania. It is currently being extended east into Kosovo.


The beautiful church at Sumor jezero, only a few kilometres north of the Albanian border.

We hiked the route from May to July, 2018. As the official route is still being negotiated, we took the opportunity to try out a few alternatives, following our own noses alongside the advice of walkers past. Our route is certainly not the best, but it has been walked and loved and documented, and hopefully provides some use! We always make note of our poor decisions and suggest better options.

The resources available on our website include our daily blogs (below), which include lots of photos and should give you a sense of what it’s like to hike this track. There’s also a page full of general advice about food, water, fuel and shelter. Coming soon are some more detailed track notes, which will provide concrete information about resources along the way – supermarkets, water, guesthouses, restaurants, etc.

The best way to find the information you’re looking for is to use the Search function – you can search by place name, national park, mountain hut, the official Via Dinarica section, country, etc., and should be able to find all the relevant daily blogs. Alternatively, all the blog posts are hyperlinked below.


Razdrto to Mala Bukovica

Day 1: Razdrto to Predjamski grad

Day 2: Predjamski grad to Haasberg grad

Day 3: Haasberg grad to Slivnici dom

Day 4: Slivnici dom to Ars Viva Youth Hostel, Podcerkev 

Day 5: Ars Viva Youth Hostel, Podcerkev to Sviščali Lodge via Snežnik Peak

Day 6: Sviščali Lodge to Trnovska Bajta

Day 7: Trnovska Bajta to Pension Gostilna Potok, Mala Bukovica (i.e. near the border)


Day 1: Predjamski grad (Pradjama castle), the incredible castle built into a cave in south-western Slovenia.


Mala Bukovica to Delnice

Day 8: Pension Gostilna Potok, Mala Bukovica to Hahlić dom

Day 9: Hahlić dom to Schlosserov dom

Day 10: Schlosserov dom to Delnice


Day 10: Hiking down from Schlosserov dom (Schlosserov mountain lodge) in Risnjak National Park, Croatia.

Delnice to Senj

What is the Via Dinarica?

Day 11: Delnice to Ratkovo sklonište

Day 12: Ratkovo sklonište to Stalak kuća

Day 13: Stalak kuća to Krivi Put sklonište

Day 14: Krivi Put sklonište to Senj


Day 11: A beautiful stone monument to World War II in the grassy meadows as we head towards Ratkovo sklonište (Ratkovo mountain shelter).

Senj to Starigrad-Paklenica

Day 15: Senj to Oltari kuća

Day 16: Oltari kuća to Alan kuća

Day 17: Alan kuća to Skorpovac sklonište

Day 18: Skorpovac sklonište to Ždrilo sklonište

Day 19: Ždrilo sklonište to Stap sklonište

Day 20: Stap sklonište to Starigrad-Paklenica


Day 19: Tatekova koliba at Stap, also known as Stap sklonište, is one of the many beautiful free, unmanned mountain shelters on the Via Dinarica, Croatia.

Starigrad-Paklenica to Knin

Day 21: Starigrad-Paklenica to Struge sklonište

Day 22: Struge sklonište to Dušiće sklonište

Day 23: Dušiće sklonište to Crnopac sklonište

Day 24: Crnopac sklonište to Gračac

Day 25: Gračac to roadside near Prevjes

Day 26: Roadside near Prevjes to Knin


Day 21: Looking back down the mountain as we climb up to Struge sklonište (Struge shelter) in Paklenica National Park, Croatia.

Knin to Sinj and Ljut

Day 27: Knin to Brezovac dom

Day 28: Brezovac dom to Glavaš kuća via Dinara

Day 29: Glavaš kuća to Peručko jezero

Day 30: Peručko jezero to Sinj

Day 31: Sinj to Ljut


Day 31: A word of advice: don’t try crossing the Cetina river on your way out from Sinj. It’s very cold (or so Callum says).

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ljut to Jablanica

Day 32: Ljut to Marinovac plaža at Buško jezero

Day 33: Marinovac plaža at Buško jezero to Bošnjak Household in Prisoje

Day 34: Bošnjak Household in Prisoje to slopes of Orlov kuk near Omolje

Day 35: Slopes of Orlov kuk near Omolje to Omar

Day 36: Omar to Masna Luka

Day 37: Masna Luka to Planinarski dom Vilinac

Day 38: Planinarski dom Vilinac to Jablanica


Day 38: The impressive stone monument of Hajdučka vrata (The Rebel’s Gate) on Čvrsnica mountain in Blidinje National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jablanica to Kalinovik

Day 39: Jablanica to Milanova koliba

Day 40: Milanova koliba to Planinarska kuća Jezerce via Cetina

Day 41: Planinarska kuća Jezerce to Boračko jezero via Zelena glava and Otiš

Day 42: Boračko jezero to meadows past Vranske stijene

Day 43: Meadows past Vranske stijene to old watermills at Vodenice

Day 44: Old watermills at Vodenice to Tušila via Drvsta and Vito

Day 45: Tušila to Ljuta via Visocića

Day 46: Ljuta to Simovića kuće, Vlaholje via Lukavac


Day 40: Looking out from Cetina, a peak of 1992 m on Prenj mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kalinovik to Tjientiste 

Day 47: Simovića kuće, Vlaholje to B&B at Lalović family, Jelašca via Kalinovik

Day 48: B&B at Lalović family, Jelašca to Štirinsko jezero

Day 49: Štirinsko jezero to Gornje Bare jezero

Day 50: Gornje Bare jezero to Tijentište via Borić


Day 48: One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Štirinkso jezero (Štirinsko lake) in Lelija mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Mratinje to Žabljak

Day 51: M-3 E762 near Hydroelectric Plant Piva to Mratinje

Day 52: Piva jezero near Mratinje to Maglić peak, return

Day 53: Mratinje to Mitrić B&B, Nedajno

Day 54: Mitrić B&B, Nedajno to Katun Lokvice via Bobotov kuk


Day 52: Climbing down from Maglić, the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It lies just north of the border with Montenegro.

Žabljak to Mojkovac

Day 55: Katun Lokvice to Zminičko jezero via Žabljak

Day 56: Zminičko jezero to Zabojsko jezero

Day 57: Zabojsko jezero to Mojkovac


Day 58: A small part of our breakfast spread at Mojkovac, Montenegro… oh, yes.

Mojkovac to Sumor jezero

Day 58: Mojkovac to Šiško jezero

Day 59: Šiško jezero to Katun and Eko Dom Trešnjevik

Day 60: Katun and Eko Dom Trešnjevik to Crkva Svetog Ilije at Sumor jezero via Kom Kučki


Day 59: Making friends with horses on the way to Trešnjevik, Montenegro.

Montenegro and Albania

Sumor jezero to Valbonë via Rickovačko jezero

Day 61: Crkva Svetog Ilije to Rickovačko jezero

Day 62: Rickovačko jezero to Lepushë

Day 63: Lepushë to Gusinje

Day 64: Gusinje to Liqjentës e Jezercës

Day 65: Liqjentës e Jezercës to Thethi via Maja e Jezercës

Day 66: Thethi to Valbonë


Day 65: Climbing the brutally cold, slate-grey rock of Maja e Jezercës, the highest mountain in Albania.