What is the Via Dinarica?

We thought some of you might be wondering what exactly it is we’re doing out here…

The Via Dinarica (di-NA-rica) is a new, long-distance hiking trail stretching from Slovenia to Albania in the western Balkans. It runs for somewhere between 1200 and 1900 km, depending on which website you choose to ask. The trail is not yet officially open, so the track hasn’t been fully way-marked and the route is still changing.

To make it a little more confusing, the Via Dinarica actually consists of three routes – the White trail, the Blue trail and the Green trail. We’re doing the White trail, which is meant for hiking (whilst the Blue is generally meant for rafting and the Green for cycling). The idea of these trails is to celebrate the incredible natural beauty and culture of the region.

A basic map of the three Via Dinarica trails – we take the White Trail, following the Dinaric mountains down the middle

The White trail follows the Dinaric Alps, or Dinarides, which is a mountain chain on the east coast of the western Balkans. Beginning in Italy, the Dinarides span all the way south into Albania, making it a perfect natural link through the region.

So far, starting from a small town called Razdrto, near Postonja, Slovenia, Callum and I have walked 250.6 km (according to the occasionally overenthusiastic GPS, that is; it’s probably more like 240 km). As I mentioned, the end point is fairly ambiguous, so we’ll just keep walking until we run out of time. By August 16th, we have to be at the airport in Athens. Until then, we walk!

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