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Day 33: Marinovac plaža at Buško jezero to Bošnjak Household in Prisoje



Ahh! It’s a beautiful day. After two nights at the beach, this campsite feels like home; here the sheltered cooking spot, there the dogged clothes line – everything in its place. I could definitely have another rest day here. It was too windy to go swimming yesterday, but already this morning I’ve gone for a dip in the turbid waters of Buško jezero (a lot grosser up close, to be honest).

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Day 32: Ljut to Marinovac plaža at Buško jezero

(Also to be known as the first day in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Callum’s birthday!)


Waking up in Ljut, I see that it’s become super windy again. Good lord. I’ve never been in such a windy place in my life. To be honest, I’ve never really considered ‘wind’ to be an independent weather system, always just a byproduct or herald of another more important one, like rain or thunderstorms. But not here. Here, we have beautiful sunny days and wind like it’s the middle of a cyclone. Or rather, nearer the edges of a cyclone… Wherever the windiest bit is.

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