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Day 44: Old watermills at Vodenice to Tušila via Drvsta and Vito


My clothesline, strung up awkwardly in the windowless watermill hut, has done nothing to help dry the clothes. My sleeping bag and mat are still damp from the downpour two days ago and I feel generally sticky and uncomfortable. The mushroom pasta last night, white and gluey, hasn’t helped my general feeling of glumpiness either. Today, though, should be a good combination of fairly easy and very scenic – just 12 km to the tiny village of Tušila, going via a fantastic ridge walk on Visočica mountain, connecting the peaks of Drvsta and Vito. It’s dangerous to do in bad weather, and rain is forecast for the afternoon, so we determine to leave early and get off the ridge before anything can start. The forecast may say ‘heavy showers’ but the weather round here has proved itself to be anything but predictable.

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Day 43: Meadows past Vranske stijene to old watermills at Vodenice


We lay in the tent like a pair of wet socks, steaming in the morning sun. It was by no means a cloudless morning, but for a few lazy minutes we savoured the beautiful knowledge that our gear was slowly drying around us: our clothes, our mats, our sleeping bags. After yesterday’s deluge, just about everything was wet.

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