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Day 50: Gornje Bare jezero to Tijentište via Borić view point


The sun hits the tent just right in the morning. Warm and strong after the cool night beside the lake, it eases me awake and begins to dry off the dew that accumulates each night on the tent. Mmm. Time for a tiny sleep-in, as the sun gets to work. I love it when things happen simultaneously. It’s like being at home with the washing machine going; despite the fact you’re not actually doing anything, the washing is still being done and thus I feel productive! I love that.

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Day 49: Štirinsko jezero to Gornje Bare jezero


Part 1: Country Pancake

There are a few flies buzzing around my face, so I pull my hat down over my eyes and concentrate on enjoying the sun. I’m lying on the thin bench of a picnic table, using my pack as a pillow, but it’s kind of hard to balance. Not as relaxing as I’d like.

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